The World's Best Underwater LED Lights


Bright Idea!


Your Own Underwater Oasis

Creating an alluring ambiance for the entire family to enjoy and a destination to entertain and wow your guests.

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Great Catch

Our underwater lights attract fish and lead to much better fishing success by drawing in plankton and small baitfish; larger gamefish are attracted to your location to feed on the schooling baitfish.


Light Up Your World

The aesthetics of the Anglers LED underwater light adds to your property's appeal, it accentuates water features creating a grand statement that increases real estate values.


Proudly Made in the USA

Precision CNC marine-grade machined billet aluminum and high-quality electrical components go into this unit, supporting American business and jobs in Florida.


Industry Innovation

Anglers LED was formed with one goal in mind, to make the best underwater fishing and dock lights on the market. After years of research and development, we are proud to say we have achieved this by creating a maintenance-free commercial grade fishing light built to withstand harsh saltwater elements without sacrificing power or luminosity. We are proud of what we do and it shows with the quality and workmanship we deliver to each and every customer.

Highest Quality

Each underwater dock light is individually handcrafted. We start with round stock aircraft aluminum, then place it into a CNC machine to turn the light housing. Once the housing is complete, we machine the lid the same way. Once the lid and the housing are matched, they move into our assembly room where the LED light is hand soldered to the power cable. Upon completion of this process, we then install three O-rings. The underwater dock lights LED are then individually pressure tested in an aluminum water tank to 150 psi. This ensures the unit is leak-free.

We designed our underwater lights utilizing a flat glass to concentrate all of the surface heat from the LED directly to the glass. When used as recommended with a dusk to dawn timer, this assures no algae or barnacle growth from attaching to our lens. The heat coming from the rear of the LED is transferred to the aluminum body that is being cooled by the water.

Plug & Play

Our advanced lighting system is designed to sink to the bottom unlike other brands on the market that float near the surface. There are many benefits behind this design with the biggest being virtually no maintenance. With floating lights, barnacle growth is more rapid due to being near the surface and natural sunlight. Also, with floating lights, barnacles will attach much quicker and become less buoyant causing excessive movement with incoming and outgoing tides. Therefore, floating lights have extensive maintenance involved especially considering with a simple tide change your light could be floating on the surface causing overheating, resulting in your light to quit working.  Anglers LED underwater lights are water cooled and our specially designed light has no screws, nuts or bolts to corrode or deteriorate over time.

Safest and with the Highest Lumens!

Unlike many of our competitors, our low voltage system creates a safe swim environment for everyone. Anglers LED kit includes an IP67 AC to DC converter. This ensures everything above and below the waterline is waterproof, and anything below the waterline is low voltage. This gives the peace of mind that there will be no electrical leakage in the water.

Additionally, unlike our competitors, we don't use any lethal metals such as Mercury or Lead in our product. Or dissimilar metals which actually expedite electrolysis and corrosion while submerged in water. Anglers LED is CNC machined from only the highest marine-grade aluminum, higher quality than used in outboard manufacturing.

Toughest Build

We have designed our lights to last. Corrosion is the enemy of underwater lighting and with competitors' exposed bulbs they are more susceptible to corrosion causing them to quit working. Anglers LED has designed a leak-free system with triple o-ring seals. This ensures our LED is protected from corrosion and eliminates water intrusion. Anglers LED advanced lighting system is designed to run on a dusk to dawn timer. By doing this, the heat generated from the LED to our ¼” thick glass lens will have minimal growth, giving you a quality underwater light without the maintenance or hassle

Patent Pending

Anglers LED advanced underwater dock lights are like no other.  The patent pending design is by far the most energy-efficient system without sacrificing power or luminosity.  It has been engineered to attract more fish than any other light on the market. Most importantly, it is virtually maintenance free!


At Anglers LED, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our valued customers. We’re excited to share some of their feedback and invite you to email us your own testimonial.


I saw these lights out in Tampa Bay and decided to give one a try in front of the house, and, wow! It really changed the dynamic of our property and our realtor just said the lead shot with this LED added $35k to our property listing value.

Charlie from Apollo Beach


Being an retired aerospace engineer, I was surprised to find an underwater LED machined to the highest quality standards and with the highest quality materials, appears to be built to withstand the harshest of underwater elements. Here is a picture I found on their Facebook page.

Paul from Key West


I've owned two other brands of underwater dock lights, one failed quickly and the other cracked within 2 months. I found the Anglers LED was priced similarly but the build quality was far superior. I installed one 12 months ago, and now I just purchased two more to cover 40 ft of the dock.

Skyler from The Bahamas