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Anglers LED was formed with quality and precision in mind. After years of research and testing, we at Anglers LED are proud to say that we have achieved a maintenance free, commercial grade underwater LED fishing light that is built to withstand the harsh saltwater elements without a sacrifice to power or luminosity.


Angler's LED is true to color and does not rely upon the water color to appear green.
All metal halides rely on the color of the water to appear green, as a result of this they appear yellow in many locations.



Unlike our competitors, our low voltage system creates a safe swim environment for everyone. This means that there is no risk to electrocution to nearby swimmers or wildlife. Anglers LED uses an IP67 AC to DC converter to ensure that everything above and below the waterline is waterproof, and anything below the waterline is low voltage. This gives insurance that there will be no electrical leakage into the water.

Additionally, unlike our competitors, we do not use any lethal metals such as mercury or lead in our products. We also do not use dissimilar metals that expedite electrolysis and corrosion while submerged in the water.


An example of our competitors' lights which are made up of cheap, eBay components and a silicone gun to stick it all together.
None of these parts you see here have ever been designed to be submerged underwater and these components pose a great risk of breaking and leaking high voltage electrical currents into the water where you may be swimming or fishing. These currents can lead to severe injury or even death.


This image shows an example of how thin the glass used by our competitors is. Think about how easily this could break while fishing near it or even just by fish swimming near it.

This is an image showing how much thicker the glass we at Angler's LED use in our underwater lights. We use specially designed and tested components that are made to be submerged in the water for long periods of time and we can ensure that by using our lights, you are creating a safer environment for not only the sea-life, but your own life.

**This demonstration is in no way intended to criticize the competition, it is provided here so that the consumer may be educated on the safety of these products.


We designed our lights utilizing a flat, 1/4" thick circular piece of glass to concentrate all of the surface heat from the LED directly to the glass. This heat prohibits the growth of algae and barnacles on the face so that the luminosity of the light is not hindered like other underwater lights in the industry. This design insures the minimum amount of maintenance on our lights even after 6 months of use.

Our competitors will tell you that LED's do not generate enough heat to keep the glass clean.
This is completely untrue and their only method to justify their inefficient, old technology.



Each underwater led dock light is individually handcrafted at the highest of quality. We start off with a cylinder of round stock aircraft-grade aluminum which is then CNC machined into the base of the light housing. We then proceed with the same process for the lid of the light housing which is also machined out of a solid cylinder of aircraft-grade aluminum. Once both the base and lid of the light housing are completed, the LED light is soldered to the power cable and the lid and the housing of the light are then securely fastened to each other with use of three o-rings to ensure that it is water tight. We then individually test each light in a water tank to ensure that it is water tight and leak free.



Our advanced lighting system is designed to sink to the bottom unlike other brands that float near the surface. There are many benefits to our design with the biggest being that there is virtually no maintenance. With floating lights, barnacle growth is more rapid due to being near the surface and natural sunlight. Also, with floating lights, barnacles will attach much quicker and will cause the floating lights to become less buoyant causing excessive movement with incoming and outgoing tides. Another benefit to our design is the ease of install. With our light, all you have to do is throw it into the water where you want it lit up, and plug it in. There are no required weights or stakes that you need to attach to it unlike other designs by our competitors. Our installation is so easy it shouldn't take you any more than five minutes


Anglers LED underwater dock lights are known for attracting the most fish due to their superior safety, brightness, and their ability to effectively attract marine organisms. Let's delve into a detailed explanation of why these lights are so effective at drawing fish.

1. Brightness: These lights are notably brighter compared to other competing underwater lighting options. The increased brightness enhances visibility in the water, making it easier for fish to locate the light source from a distance. Fish are naturally attracted to light as it signifies potential food sources and other organisms.

2. Light Spectrum: Anglers LED underwater dock lights are engineered to emit light in specific wavelengths or color spectrums that are known to be highly attractive to fish. Different species of fish are drawn to different wavelengths, and the lights can be customized to suit specific location needs.

3. Baitfish Attraction: Underwater lights serve as a catalyst for attracting baitfish, which in turn attracts larger predator fish. Baitfish are drawn to the light because it simulates an abundant food source and provides shelter from potential predators. As baitfish gather around the light, larger predatory fish follow, creating an enticing feeding opportunity for these larger fish.

4. Natural Prey Behavior: Many aquatic organisms have a natural instinct to move towards light. This behavior is rooted in their evolutionary response to feeding and reproducing. By taking advantage of this behavior, Anglers LED underwater dock lights exploit the natural instincts of fish, encouraging them to approach the light source.

In summary, Anglers LED underwater dock lights outperform the competitors in attracting fish due to their enhanced safety features, brightness, ability to attract baitfish, and utilization of natural prey behavior. By combining these factors, Anglers LED is the clear World leader in underwater dock lighting.


In today's shopping market, we believe that honesty is the best policy. That's why we designed the most generous, fair, and transparent store policy for our customers. We take pride in every LED underwater light we build and ship. The same goes for how we treat our customers. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any concerns or questions.

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