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Three Pack of Underwater LED Dock Lights

Three Pack of Underwater LED Dock Lights


Our underwater dock lighting is perfect for water depths up to 20′. Select either vivid green or neon blue LED to light a large area around your dock.


Set up is simple – unbox, drop into the water and plugin. Within minutes you’ll be enjoying your new waterfront oasis. Our lights are available in true native LED colors; deep glow Green and Bahamas Blue.


Standard cord length is 30 feet, use the drop down if more length is required, we recomend to keep the submerged cord length to a minium as any part of the cord underwater will get marine groth.


*Enjoy a maintenance-free dock light by adding and installing a Dusk to Dawn timer to eliminate growth on the lens.


** This LED Light purchase qualifies your order for Free Shipping in the USA!

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